Human Sciences Lab

The Human Sciences Lab “Body and Soul” originates from an idea and its tenacious realisation. On the one hand, our School Headteacher’s idea was to give the Human Sciences students a lab where they could study and do research. On the other hand, our Human Sciences teachers were determined to make this come true. For this reason, they took great care of both its planning and realisation aspects.

In order to create a functional Human Sciences Lab, the first thing they did was to look back on the most efficient pedagogical theories: its setting needed to be spacious, pleasant, colourful and filled with the right equipment for our classes. For this reason, there are circular and insular tables that encourage a cooperative learning, and some plants that remind of the ecological perspective on education.

The tools (15 tablets, 5 video cameras and a big digital and interactive board) and the teaching material refer to the ones used by Montessori, Fröbel and Bortolato.

The texts and the written works are more than 170 and are divided into 6 categories: psychological essays, pedagogical essays, anthropological essays, sociological essays, psychological novels and children’s books.

Classes are held not only by our teachers, but also by experts that take part in afternoon meetings regarding: educational projects aimed at underage and differently-abled students, Italian mute sign language, expressive reading, the Montessori method, art therapy, logogenia, and Outdoor Education.

This lab is used by teachers for every day classes in the morning and by experts, teachers and parents for extracurricular events in the afternoon.

So, it’s a pleasure presenting you our Lab… come with us: you will be as happy as we are!

The Human Sciences teachers: Elisabetta Asnaghi, Maria Di Benedetto, Donatella Sioli, Elisabetta Zuccoli.

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