Tonia’s voice fights violence against women

The White Mathilda Association was born in Desio (MB) in 2010, and since its foundation, it has been daily committed to the battle against gender-based violence in collaboration with local authorities, law enforcement, medical facilities in the area, and, above all, with schools of all levels.

With this spirit of attention, sharing, and collaboration, the project "The World I Would Like" was born, now in its fourth edition this year. It is aimed at students in secondary schools, with the goal of using the powerful medium of music to introduce young people to important themes such as respect, kindness, dialogue, sensitivity, and attention to others.

Participants underwent months of selections, bringing a cover or an original piece to the attention of a dedicated jury. A student from our Institute, Tonia Del Papato (5ASU class), also participated in this competition. She chose to perform a cover of the song "Donna" by Mia Martini, adding a self-written piece dedicated to the memory of two specific episodes of violence against women.

During the final evening of the competition, where only about ten contestants were admitted, after Tonia's performance, she was praised for the strong prompt to reflection not only provided by her singing interpretation but also by her words. These words reflect the fears and hopes of a young student and a young woman entering the world she envisions. Every woman has every right to go into the world without restrains, obstacles, or violence.

Today more than ever.

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